•Drawings and Paintings 2017•

My work is very driven by material. The more I can stretch the medium, the more excited I become with possibilities. My application of paint is similar to drawing and can become very dense with shapes and colors. Chalk and oil pastels, ink, charcoal, and other oil based materials have proven to  work well together in layers but also seem have a mind of their own. At times, they smear, drip, and dry in ways I cannot predict . Also, using a more concise color palate forces me to make dynamic decisions about the composition. I feel like I'm free to explore colors without shapes, outlines, and boundaries. I'm able to layer patterns, stencil, make more movements and direction, and open up spaces within the density with white or neutral tones. Trusting my instincts  has proven to be very beneficial. I will sometimes question or have doubts about certain moves I make but it always leads to the most promising work. When I have that doubt or questioning, I know I am trying something new and that is what keeps me motivated to keep searching and discovering my own personal techniques.